The most recent week of the course was a break from writing material and instead looked at managing nerves, by doing an exercise where we had to think of a happy memory and use this to relax. Nerves are something I’m really worried about and especially for when I’m going to be on stage in front of people (the other worry is forgetting stuff).

Also, we watched a couple of clips – of Tim Vine and Tom Stade – to see examples of delivery, performance and how it’s sometimes possible to get laughs even when you’re not telling jokes. This made me think about how I might perform the stuff which I’m writing – a lot of it is in traditional joke formay but there are some stories and observational bits which might benefit from tweaking and using performance techniques to wring extra laughs from.

I still haven’t practiced my routine much at all, and am yet to do it in front of the group. Maybe I’ll rectify this soon.