Well, that didn’t go very well did it. Despite best intentions this blog has been left to fester once more. However! I have just signed up to the MAC’s stand-up comedy course, which starts in January. It’s compered by the rather fine James Cook and should be fun – I first heard about it from Jon Bounds, who has blogged about his experience of the course.

When I found out there was another course coming up I decided to book a place… even though it’s something I thought I’d never do. As someone who loves and writes about comedy, I go to a lot of stand-up shows and review them but have never had a go myself. So I guess now it’s time to step outside of my comfort zone and take up position somewhere on the other side of the fence. Or should that be trench?

This is a bit of an experiment, which I aim to blog about during the twelve weeks of the course. I have no pretensions to be a stand-up comedian but 1) this is more of a confidence building exercise (although it could all end in tears – both mine and the audience’s) and 2) the idea is that it will force me to write more.

My interests lie more in moving into writing comic prose/fiction and scripts, so hopefully this course will help feed into other forms of writing, away from journalism.

Anyway, hopefully this blog will be updated with how I’m getting on and might prove useful for gathering together ideas, or just logging how well/badly things are going.

Util then, Merry Christmas and all the best for 2011. And wish me luck!